Book Review: N or M by Agatha Christie

N or M is atypical from Agatha Christie’s other novels. Instead of involving a murder in a quaint setting the book has World War II as its backdrop. The now middle-aged couple Tommy and Tuppence Beresford had done their fair share of mystery cracking during World War I and now when England is in trouble … Continue reading Book Review: N or M by Agatha Christie

Disagreements Are Good

India is nothing without its diversity. Be it food, dress, language or the ‘Gods’ Indians choose to follow. Clashes will be a common phenomenon where exists such a great diversity. Healthy debate and constructive criticism should be welcomed by the intellectuals at all stages, infact it is a positive outcome of diversity. A few hundred … Continue reading Disagreements Are Good

My Obsession With USA

Oh how I long to be in USA! I wish there was a way this was even remotely possible. There is nothing as important as the initial years of childhood. What a child is being exposed to in the early years affects her thoughts throughout life. Things are not instantly obvious, but as the child … Continue reading My Obsession With USA